5 Vital Things Which You Can Do With AWS Cloud Mobile App

If you are into IT and love cloud technology, you must be already aware of Amazon Web Services or popularly known as AWS. AWS is one of the largest providers of cloud services. A few months back they launched AWS console application for Android and Mac smartphones to help customers to manage and respond to the alerts on the go. In this article, we will see important things which you can do with AWS cloud mobile application.

AWS Cloud Mobile App - Things you can do

5 Important Things Which Can be done using AWS Cloud Mobile App

1. Account Admin and IAM users can login & perform the tasks.

This is the very basic but important feature of this mobile application. Root or administrator account can login and perform the admin tasks and also normal users which have been given permission to manage the AWS cloud account can easily login with account alias, user name, and password.

2. EC2 Instance management.

EC2 instances are the very crucial part of AWS cloud. With AWS console app user can easily manage the cloud instances. A user can reboot, start, stop and terminate the existing instance or virtual machine. You can also see other details like public & private IP of the host, VPC, etc.

AWS Cloud Mobile App-EC2-Instance

Note: Please note that you cannot create new EC2 instances with this app.

Additionaly, this app allows you to take the snapshot of the volume, check the matrics through cloud watch on the go.

3. Auto Scaling Groups and Load Balancers.

These are 2 important resources when load of the instances increase or there is a need of similar instances. This could be due to over utilization of the resources or any of the node in Auto Scaling group going unhealthy.

4.Beanstalk Application, RDS Instances & S3 Buckets.

These are self explinatory.

Beanstalk application option will show you related application which you have created using management console and RDS instances would show its related instances.

S3 bucket tab will list all the S3 buckets which you have created and allows you to view configuration details.

5. Monitor Alarms.

Alarms are imperative of any IT environment. If alarms would have been not there, we could have never know about server down state in timely manared.

CloudWatch Alarm feature in this app allows you to monitor the alarms and shows you if there is anything wrong with your servers or any other resources.

Drawbacks of AWS Cloud Mobile App Features

As of now, with this application we can only manage most of the resources, but not all. Also, it does not allow us to create new AWS account and nor we can create new instances or another resources. It just allow us to manage them.

In future, we believe AWS will bring more option to this app and we will be able to create each and every service through the app.

Download the AWS Console App!

This app is very useful apart from few drawbacks. If you like to manage your cloud services on the go and want to access your AWS cloud instances through your Smartphones, then do check out this app (Links to official pages below).

The app is only 919kb in size and is available for both Andorid and Mac phones.

This was just an overview of the important features of this app. Please explorer it more and let us know its new important features.

Please let us know what are your thougts about this AWS cloud app and what other features would you like to see in it. If you would like to see more AWS and cloud related tutorials, please let us know through your comments and do subscribe to our free newsletter to get new post alert directly on your email.

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