Adding Storage to VM Host without Reboot

Information is increasing day by day, so we always require more space to save our data. And to save our digital data we need disk. In this article we will guide you and tell you how you can easily add new hard disk to your virtual server or host and properly scan new added storage hard disk without rebooting your virtual host. Continue reading

5 Basic Storage Certifications for IT Administrators

Storage sector is in boom in the Information Technology industry and there are lots of service and products provider in this field. These storage companies also provide basic and advance storage certification to boost your knowledge and get a good job or position in the storage industry. We will cover some of those basic storage certifications for IT Admins. Continue reading

What is RAID & Different Types of RAID

RAID is a very useful data storage Virtualization technology and stands for Redundant Arrays of Independent Disk. RAID is widely used to provide data protection against disk failures and performance. In RAID, multiple disks are combined to form a single set and then the data is stored in it using different RAID levels. This improves performance and/or reliability. Continue reading

How to Configure Storage Device in Netbackup

Information is created every second in every industry and thus a tool is needed to take backup of all that important information and data. Netbackup is one of the very useful tool for taking backup of our important data. Symantec Netbackup is one of the most used backup tool in IT industry which provide enterprise level solutions. Continue reading

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