IBM DS3000/DS4000/DS5000 Storage Manager Simulator

Simulators, whether hardware or software, are very helpful in learning any new device or configuring any new device in trial mode. They give exact platform and it feels like we are doing work in real devices/machine. Similarly in storage industry we also have a simulator to configure and check our storage products though the number is quite less. Continue reading

7 Important Strategies for Effective Archiving

Every data created must be saved and taking backup of every data is always recommended. We can take backup of data by fully coping it or by archiving it. Archiving is also one form of backup and is very important in every industry whether it is information technology, automation, aviation etc. We should always keep backup of your data and this post is about some of the important strategies we should follow for effective archiving by a infographic. Continue reading

8 Most used NetBackup Commands

In everyday Backup task their are lots of commands which are used by Storage and backup administrator for performing their daily backup task correctly and smartly. There are some specific Symantec Netbackup commands which are very common and are mostly used both in Windows and Unix. In this article we will only discuss about some of the most used Netbackup commands. Continue reading

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